Solid European oak 135mm door casing / frame set


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Product Description

Solid Oak door casing/ frame set at 135mm wide
Please note you are purchasing a oak door casing not the oak door architrave that is attached to the door casing in the photo’s we can supply these separately if you wish along with oak doors/ Iron door furniture and oak skirting.

One set consists of the following:

  • 2 uprights of solid oak 2 Mtrs x 135mm x 20mm
  • 1 cross section 1 mtr x 135mm x 20mm
  • 3 door jars qty 2 x 2mtrs x 35mm x 20mm and qty 1 x 1 mtr x 35mm x 20mm


  • 1-2 Door Casing Sets £27.95
  • 3-4 Sets £51.90
  • 5-6 Sets £83.85
  • 7-8 Sets £111.80
  • 9-20 Plus Sets £120.00

For further details regarding product/ invoice/ payment or discount on larger order please ring Amanda on 07870432507.
Your most welcome to visit our show room at anytime or pick goods up directly.

Additional information


Un-finished (needs light sanding before Oil Waxing/ Staining or Lacquering)


ABC (Country Grade) Small filled Knots % Colour variation

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