Solid oak T&G;ledge pencil bead farmhouse cottage doors


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Product Description

We use the best quality European oak available all doors are uniformed 4 or 5 oak planks depending on size and pencil beaded on both sides.

The 3 ledges on our oak doors have a chamfer on all 4 sides and all our doors are assembled using wood screws that are hidden behind hand made oak pegs as seen in photo’s above.. All knots on our doors including any natural defect or grub hole are filled with natural oak sawdust and sanded.

We provide special size oak doors made to measure along with stable/ bi-fold/ sliding doors/ cupboard & wardrobe doors/ garage doors etc & supply doors in a wax oiled finish with blacksmith studded nail heads; oak latch blocks & suffolk bees wax iron latch’s and 18″ T-hinges for your ironmongery to meet all your requirements.

We offer a local fitting service within 25 miles of Malpas Cheshire subject to our work load.

Please ring Amanda on 07870432507 or [email protected] for a free quotation.

Please don’t compare our oak doors with similar cheaper doors that are made from random width American oak with a Min 5 -6 planks per door with a scratched pencil bead and assembled using nail guns (No Screws) with knots or natural defects un-filled.


Door prices as follows:

24″ Wide 610mm x 78″ high x 1985mm 4 plank Door  £195.00 Inc Vat 20% (The above are ideal for wardrobe doors)

27″ Wide 685mm x 78″ high x 1985mm 4 plank Door £205.00 Inc Vat 20%

30″ Wide 764mm x 78″ high x 1985mm 5 plank Door £21500 Inc Vat 20%

33″ wide 838mm x 78″ high x 1985mm 5 plank Door £225.00 Inc Vat 20%



  • 1 door   £25.00 Inc Vat
  • 2 doors £50.00 Inc Vat
  • 3 doors £75.00 Inc Vat
  • 4 doors £100.00Inc Vat
  • 5-17 doors £125 Inc Vat

You are more then welcome to pick goods up direct from our warehouse to save delivery charges.

Additional information

Dimensions N/A

ABC (Country Grade) Small filled Knots % Colour variation


Un-finished (needs light sanding before Oil Waxing/ Staining or Lacquering)