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Top quality oak engineered flooring (unfinished)


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Product Description

Our Unfinished deep brushed Engineered oak flooring is priced at £36.95p m2.

The flooring is made from best quality European oak and is hand selected from prime oak logs.

Our engineered oak flooring is ideal for underfloor heating systems because at 15mm thickness it is the most efficient engineered flooring on the market as it has less thermal resistance to rising heat so you will save on heating bills.

Regarding fitting it can be floated / glued or nailed down. Because it is 15mm thickness it does not mean its inferior to a 18mm engineered oak floor as we still use a 4mm oak veneer which is a standard thickness on engineered flooring on a hardwood 3 core base. This is one of the most important points when buying a engineered floor it is not the overall thickness but the grade the base the veneer is laid on.

Species: European White Oak

Width: 190mm

Thickness: 15(4)mm (Our Veneer thickness is standard 4mm and not 3mm used on most cheaper Engineered flooring)

Grade: ABCD (Mixed Country Grade)

Finish: Unfinished / Deep Brushed. In order for you to finish on site to whatever colour or shade you require.


50m2 + £36.00p m2 Inc Vat

100m2 + £35.00p m2 Inc Vat

Packaging: 2.888m2 with 8 layers. (Random lengths upto 1.9 mtrs)

For more information please ring Amanda on 07870432507 regarding either sending of a sample (cost £2.00 to cover postage and packing) or making appointment to visit our showroom or warehouse.

Delivery (Mainland UK Only) start from:

£18.00 Inc Vat for 1 x pack of 2.888m2.
£36.00 Inc Vat for 2 x packs of 5.776m2
£54.00 Inc Vat for 3 x packs of 8.664m2
£72.00 Inc Vat for 4 x packs of 11.552m2
£90.00 Inc Vat for 5 x packs of 14.44m2
£100.00 Inc Vat for 6 -70 packs from 17.328m2 to 139.86m2

Your very welcome to pick up flooring direct from our warehouse for free collection by appointment only.

Additional information

Weight 22.7 kg
Dimensions 1900 × 190 × 120 mm

ABC (Country Grade) Small filled Knots % Colour variation

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